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Pakistani Punjabi girls are doing extremely well in college education. According to the majority reports including from the Punjab Board, girls consistently outrank their male complement in the annual exams. From the matriculation, through to F.A./F.Sc and all the way to Masters level, Punjabi girls are regularly out performing male students in almost all land of knowledge.
According to Lubbna (in right) & Ramish beautiful girls from Punjab settled in Paris this may be due to the fact that girls are often more motivated to be independent in a patriarchal, male dominated society like Punjab. This gives them added impetus to perform well in school and college in order to make better careers for themselves.

The 22-year-old from Rawalpindi clocked 11.81seconds, 0.12seconds ahead of Sri Lanka’s Pramila Priyadarshani, to bag her first gold medal before a strong crowd at Bangabandhu National Stadium.
Wearing national green tights, she led the field among the eight runners after her easy qualification for the finals.
“I had forgotten the world for six months and trained really very, very hard under my coach Maqsood Ahmed to achieve this,” Naseem Hamid said.
“It is a great moment for me to have brought glory to the country in my event after the poor showing by our national cricket team and especially since our athletics standards have been poor of late,” she added.

Tahira Jabain from Spain joins us with her cute photographs. Tahira belongs to Pakistan but settled in Spain where she completing her Masters in Arts. She loves to capture her photos and share with her friends. Tahira says photography shows us how to look at things from different perspectives, to reflect, to communicate and to express ourselves in a way that goes beyond words.

The original meaning of the term Desi means literally ‘from the country of’. This is actually an ancient Sanskrit word. This alone does not make sense to us today. However, if you understand it in a broader context, what it means is if you are from India it means you are an Indian.
Let me explain further by giving an example of something you might already understand. In ancient Greece anyone who spoke the Greek language was from the country of Greece and anyone who did not speak the language of the country was called a barba or later Barbarian. Similarly, the culture of the Sub Asian continent identified itself as unique and culturally different then the rest of the world. The term Desi was applied to people of this area. Even if a person lived aboard they would be identified as Desi if this was their country of origin. It was a positive term, nothing negative.
Therefore, the phrase “Desi girls” refers to a girl of South Asian heritage, this could be from the country of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka or Afghanistan.
Today the term Desi girls has transformed into a slang or online term meaning hot girls from India and Pakistan. The Internet often corrupts innocent terms.

Jawaria Ahmed is doing ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) from UK. Jawaria basically belongs to Islamabad, Her father is businessman and she also wants to join him after completing her studies. Jawaria tells that ACCA The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is a British chartered accountancy body with a global presence that offers the Chartered Certified Accountant (Designatory letters ACCA or FCCA) qualification worldwide. Since Chartered Certified Accountant is a legally protected term, individuals who describe themselves as Chartered Certified Accountants must be members of ACCA and, if they carry out public practice engagements, must comply with additional regulations such as holding a practicing certificate, being insured against any possible liability claims and submitting to inspections. Jawaria more says that Professional qualification in accounting is granted through various certificates issued by accounting bodies in the most countries worldwide. This qualification can be obtained after you already have some academic degree. Such bodies are acting throughout the world in the form of organizations, associations, societies, etc. Mainly they all have 2 objectives: Protect public interests by setting high standards in profession’s practice (including certification process) and protect interests of professionals.
In the end Jawaria Ahmed tells that today across the job market accountants possessing such qualifications are considered to be capable and credible for wide range of careers, offered higher positions and paid almost twice more than those who doesn’t have it. Apart from that accounting qualification automatically gives an opportunity for ordinary accountant to be promoted for managing positions in any company.